Adani says got no special favours from Modi

With political parties using him as punching bag in the highly charged election campaign, Adani Group head Gautam Adani today said he got n polo ralph lauren o special favours from Narendra Modi and his group has since 1993 acquired only barren waste land for infrastructure projects.

The $8.7 billion ports to energy polo ralph lauren Adani Group began acquiring land near the coastal town of Mundra in Gujarat way back in 1993 and only one third of a total landbank of 15,946 acres was acquired when Modi was Chief Minister, he said.

“Not a single acre has been taken from any farmer. We went to Kutch when no one looked there and acquired only barren and dessert like land that was not suitable for agriculture,” Adani told PTI in an interview here.

Adani used t polo ralph lauren he land to build India’s biggest port, which loaded and unloaded a record 100 million tons of cargo in the year that ended on March 31, and the nation’s biggest coal power stat polo ralph lauren ion in the private sector, he said, adding that his group did not buy land at cheap rates to sell it to make profits.

“When we began acquiring land at Mundra in 1993, (Chief Minister) Chimanbhai Patel charged us 10 paisa per square meter. (BJP government led by) Keshubhai Patel (in 1995) charged us Re 1 per sq mt and Shankersinh Vaghela (led Rashtriya Janata Party) in 1996 07, charged Rs 1.5 per sq mt. Under Mr Modi, we got some 5,000 acre of land at an average of Rs 15 per sq mt rate,” he said.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has in his political meetings used alleged largesse to industrialists like Adani to attack Modi. At a recent rally, Gandhi claimed that Modi had given Adani land for Re 1, the price of a toffee.

Adams puts Portland grocery bag tax idea on hold

Back to Main MenuBusiness News HomeFront PorchIt Only MoneyOregon the EconomyPlaybooks ProfitsSilicon ForestWindow ShopStock Market ReportBusiness Public BlogBack to Main MenuVideos from the OregonianVideos from The Beaverton Le polo ralph lauren aderVideos from the Hillsboro ArgusVideos from The Forest Grove LeaderYour VideosAdams wanted to charge 5 to 20 cents per plastic or paper bag to encourage shoppers to use reusable cloth sacks. He had planned to bring the proposal to the City Council by the first of the year.But “now is not the time” to hit Portlanders with a new fee, he said. “If we can get people back to work, then maybe someday. But it’s not at the top of my priority list.”Environmentalists say thin plastic bags, introduced in grocery s polo ralph lauren tores in the 1970s, survive for centuries in landfills. If they end up in the ocean, they break down into tiny fragments that kill fish. Worldwide, people use an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags each year.”Of course, we are very disappointed with Sam Adams,” said Stiv Wilson, chairman of the Orego polo ralph lauren n chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, based in San Clemente, Calif., which focuses on ocean health.The foundation has sent Adams a letter, signed by other environmental activists and some business owners, urging a 20 cent fee or a ban on plastic bags.”Single use plastic bags represent one of the greatest environmental catastrophes of our generation,” the letter says. “Around 100 billion petroleum based plastic checkout bags are used each year in the United States, requiring an estimated 12 million barrels of oil each year.”The plastics industry has resisted the movement to ban or tax plastic bags . Its argument: Plastic bags make up a small share of the trash in landfills, and encouraging recycling is a better way to deal with the issue. city to impose a fee. However, opponents financed mostly by the American Chemical Council, an industry group gathered enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot in August.San Francisco proposed a fee but went with a ban ins polo ralph lauren tead after the plastics industry successfully lobbied for a state law restricting cities’ ability to charge a fee. The Dallas City Council recently dropped the idea of a fee or ban.Lisa Libby, Adams’ senior policy adviser, said one problem with a plastic bag ban is it encourages the use of paper bags. The mayor wants to apply a fee to both paper and plastic.It’s not clear that paper is better for the environment. Some studies indicate that paper bags use more energy, materials and landfill space than comparable plastic bags.But so far, most of the attention is on plastic bags. The European Union, for instance, requires manufacturers of plastic bags to take them back and recycle them. Bangladesh and China have banned plastic bags. Ireland has had a plastic bag fee since 2002.Proponents say the fee in Ireland reduced the use of plastic grocery bags by an estimated 95 percent. But critics say overall plastic bag use in Ireland increased by 400 percent during the period as people bought bags for home use instead of reusing bags from the store.In his plan for his first 100 days as mayor, Adams included forming a task force on the bag issue, but he hasn’t done it yet. He continues to work on the issue, Libby said.”We’re still looking at ways to partner with retailers for ways to educate the public to get a behavior change that way,” she said.

Adams Idea Pro Forged Irons Review

Adams Idea Pro Forged Irons ReviewAdams Golf has built a solid reputation in game improvement clubs. Now they’ve introduced a player’s forged iron to match up with their superb Idea Pro hybrids. I agree.

While the concept first showed up in game improvement sets aimed at seniors and slower swingers, with the Idea Pro Forged Irons Adams is clearly trying to bring the better player into the fold. Given polo ralph lauren that even touring professionals are finally coming around to hybrids, that makes a lot of sense.

Many good players embrace the advantages of hybrids as long iron replacements. At the same time, they still would like the workability and feel of forged blades in their mid and short irons. And that’s just what this set of irons is all about.

In its standard configuration, the set combines 3 and 4 Idea Pro hybrids with Idea Pro forged polo ralph lauren irons 5 PW. The Sand Trap’s Jeff Smith wrote an extensive review of the hybrids, so I won’t attempt to duplicate his efforts here, despite some occasional references. But I will say these extremely popular hybrids are a perfect match for these irons.

Design and Construction

To be honest, I found it quite interesting that a company so known for game improvement clubs has done such a good job coming up with their first player’s forged iron. Michael Guerrette, Adams senior design engineer, and his team have done an exceptional job producing what looks like a pure players club, but which retains touches of welcome forgive polo ralph lauren ness.

The heads are forged of very soft 8620 carbon steel and then plated with a satin finish. The top line is thin, the leading edge straight, and the progressive offset through the set minimal just what most better players are looking for.

There’s nothing fancy or bold about the look of the Adams Idea Pro forged irons. They’re all business.

The irons have a fairly shallow cavity back design but, at the same time, a comparatively low center of gravity and high moment of inertia compared to many forged blades. You can see hints of this inherent design feature in the soles of the irons that gradually broaden as you move from the mid irons to the short irons.

To my eye, they are slightly scaled up in size from the forged irons I grew up with in the 60s and 70s. But, understand, the forgiveness is relative. These are not your father’s Callaway shovels.

All this speaks to the origins of the design. Adams Golf staffers Tom Watson, Bubba Dickerson, and others had been playing custom forged Adams irons. Using those clubs as a starting point, Adams designers and engineers tweaked weight placement and shape slightly to increase playability for a broader spectrum of serious golfers. As I’ll discuss later, they succeeded.

The stock steel shaft is a relatively new model from True Temper. The Black Gold shaft comes with a unique “gold nickel” plating process that gives it just the slightest gold tinge. Nothing weird, just subtle like the rest of the club’s design. I actually spotted one on TV recently in the hands of Steve Stricker. It’s definitely a premium shaft just as is the Aldila VS Proto shaft in the hybrids.

The Black Gold is a stepless design patterned in specification and performance on the Project X shaft. It’s not a lightweight shaft by any means. In my experience the performance and feel was remarkably consistent throughout the set.

Of note is that the shafts are .355″ taper tipped models. As I noted in a recent Bag Drop, I believe taper tipped shafts are superior to parallel tipped, or unitized, shafts both in feel and performance. Once again Adams proves they were serious about producing a club for serious players.

The Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip seems to have become the most popular among better players and that’s the stock polo ralph lauren grip found on the Idea Pro irons. As evidence of Adams’ attention to detail, their logo on the grips is positioned on the bottom, just like you see on TV with tour players. The satin finish is completely non glare. All the edges are gracefully curved. I really like how the face is devoid of extraneous stamping or paint fill and displays just a hint of frosting over the grooves. In the playing position you’re presented with a simple, clean look that makes lining up your shot with the straight leading edge and grooves simple.

As far as I’m concerned, Adams has created a very classic looking forged club. To me, this is what an iron should look like.

I’m also partial to the shape of the irons. They’re basically squared toed but with enough radius to the corners to be exceptionally pleasing, at least to my eye. According to what I’ve learned, the most difficult iron to design is the 8 iron as it is the transition club from the shape of the mid irons to that of the short irons and wedges. The Idea Pro 8 iron is one of the best I’ve ever seen in that it makes the visual transition from 7 iron to 9 iron seamlessly. It’s a great, great design.

I also like other, more minor things about the looks. I like that the Adams and Idea Pro logos are small and understated. So too is the design of the forged cavity which has been finished with a soft to the touch silver paint. The knurling on the hosel is simple and old school. Even the engraved iron numbers, positioned toward the toe where they are subject to less dirt and wear, are unfussy and minimalist.