Aesthetic Etiquette

I admit that I generally fond of Mary Kate and ralph lauren outlet online Ashley Olsen. As a kid I watched all their straight to VHS movies about saving the wild west and meeting cute boys in Hawaii, which helps me now when I doing those things in real life. But I must say: Their latest clothing line, Olsenboye, is even worse than their acting.

I was more than just disappointed by the affordable collection

(available at JCPenny) I was confused. These girls know fashion, and they know merchandising. Fame made the Olsens into total moguls before they could even g ralph lauren outlet online et driver licenses. They raked in so much with lifestyle brands that movies probably became an unnecessary annoyance.

As young adults, they celebrities who don really do anything but get snapped by paparazzi, looking chic and too small for their sunglasses and venti Starbucks cups. They became style icons and single handedly (er, double handedly?) ushered in the Great Boho Craze of the year 2000 and whatever with their penchant for undone hair and oversized everything. They always stylish, so it a good thing they stayed relevant by designing clothes instead of spewing out needless pop albums or becoming irritating spokes models for dise ralph lauren outlet online ases no one has forgotten about.

The Row is free of prints and full of cool silhouettes:

Hunting Dress in Black, $550. Check out the artsy website.

Elizabeth and James is a line with similar designer prices, but more personality:

WTF? I rather just wear the stupid fake vintage sports tee underneath.

So here the real problem: they marketing to tweens, basically, but tweens ralph lauren outlet online are too obsessed with High School Musical or Twilight or whatever to care who the Olsens are. The only girls who give a damn are in their 20s and simply admire them for their sense of high fashion.

Aerus BioSpeed Bike Travel Case

I have three basic needs when traveling with my bike: to protect my precious cargo, pack it quick and easy and get past check in witho ralph lauren outlet online ut paying excess baggage fees.

The way air travel is these days, you’d be hard pressed to find a carrier that hands out mixed nuts for free. But the Aerus Biospeed Bicycle Travel Case does such a fine job of tucking your bike into a neat, inconspicuous package, if done properly, you’ll check it as a bag, pack everything else into a carry on and keep the cash in your wallet where it belongs.

What’s so special about the Aerus soft case? For starters, it ralph lauren outlet online doesn’t scream “BIKE!” It measures a discreet 48x28x10, and weighs in at around 30 pounds with a bike. I literally throw it over my shoulder with the padded strap it comes with for that very reason. The only logo you’ll find is the Aerus name. So as long as you don’t walk up to the counter looking like a poster child for the bike industry, there’s a good chance you’ll pull it off and keep your coin.

Because of this case, I have breaking my bike down to a science: Remove handlebars and strap them to the fork; pull out seat post and slide it into the side pocket; remove wheels, quick releases, stow in bags and slide into side pockets; remove rear derailleur, tuck it into the nifty derailleur po ralph lauren outlet online uch and strap it to the frame. Once the bike’s appendages are battened down, I anchor it by the bottom bracket to the foam docking station on the floor of the bag. It comes with a padded panel to wrap around the top tube for extra care. I don’t think its’ intentional, but the wheels reinforce the walls. And voila! I zip this sturdy pocket of protection up wit ralph lauren outlet online hout a care.

I’m always surprised by how easy it is to travel with my Aerus bike bag. Granted, I’m 5 foot 4, but the rep at Blue says it can accommodate up to a 61cm frame and integrated seat masts by removing crank arms and such. A 2 inch thick, nylon encased pad lines the bottom and both sides, insulating your bike even more from what might lurk beyond the conveyor belt. Liz Reap Carlson

Aerostitch Dispatch Bag Photos

Detroit is a knock around town. The roads are rough, the people resilient, the weather well, let’s not talk about the weather this time of year. Detroit is a tough town and that’s why it’s a perfect place to test out a classic motorcycle/scooter bag made by the people of Aerostitch, in Duluth, Minnesota. Up there, they realize what the term “useful durability” means to riders of all two wheeled vehicles. Since 1983, Aerostitch has been providing high quality motorcycling gear, being especially famous for their iron tough Roadcrafter riding suits, amongst others. To look through one of their catalogs is a thing of joy, especiall ralph lauren outlet online y if you are a gear hound like me. They make professional gear for serious riders. Sure, it largely isn’t cheap, but when something works well and lasts for years, what is the real cost? They offer repair services, as well, so consider that if the worst happens.

More Photos

Over my years of traveling, commuting and fun riding on my scoots, I’ve tried messenger bags, shoulder packs and back packs. All of them were just OK, and compromises abounded. Some were too small or too big, some too uncomfortable to wear, some just slipped off your shoulder. Solar batteries got weak, stitches came loose and some of them got dirty just sitting there. They were all OK, but none of them were ideal.

Santa was kind this year and somehow got me just what I wanted a day glow, high visibility Aerostitch “Dispatch” bag. The Dispatch is the smaller of the medium sized bags that they make, surrounded by the (smaller) “Letter” Bag, the larger “Courier” and the truly gigantic “Parcel” Bag. All feature similar construction, with heavy duty Cordura Nylon reinforced with heavy vinyl, all made in the USA. They are simple bags, with a strap, a flap and some buckles. Look closer through, and you see real hand stitching (by machine), some of which is double and triple stitched. Too simple you say? It’s the way that these simple features combine with the quality materials that makes Aerostitch bags so good.

I specified my Aerostitch Dispatch to come fully equipped. I added a optional grip strip internal organizer pocket for small items and a small zippered pocket to go on the strap. I opened my perfect gift and was eager to get the fun started. Sadly, Chr ralph lauren outlet online istmas day saw more snow on top of the base layer that we already had. ralph lauren outlet online Two weeks later, the sun came out and the scoot did too. I loaded up the Aerostitch and headed out.

Let me tell you a little bit about my job I work for a company that some remote branch that processes credit cards. I don’t work for that branch, but the security required for that results in a fully locked down laptop a heavy, bulky laptop. The client company where I was working then had a similar locked down, bulky laptop, both of which I had to carry several times a week. I also carry a Macbook Air and generally a lunch and a canteen of water. Was there enough room for all this stuff? I was about to find out.

I carefully loaded up the roomy Dispatch with all of this stuff. Two PCs (one with power supply and mouse), a Mac, my lunch and the various bits and bobs required for modern office life. It all just barely fit, and I had to adjust the keeper straps and the massive slab of grip strip up to accommodate the challenging load. I looped the wide strap over my head, adjusted the thick shoulder pad (itself a luxury item) over my shoulder, adjusted the big side release buckle to carry the bag slightly high, and headed out on the Reflex. Once the Dispatch settled in on the back of the seat, it disappeared. I felt the load sitting against my back, but the bag never moved. Since it has a flat bottom, it just sat on the seat, and with the strap crossways across my chest and the fuzzy, grippy shoulder pad sitting comfortably on my right shoulder, it felt secure. I got to work and slung the bag off. Everything was intact, and it was easy to unpack as well.

After a few more weeks riding experience with the Dispatch I can conclude that although it’s not flashy, nor really cutting edge, the simple, reliable, dare I say it, indestructible Aerostitch Dispatch bag (and its brothers) are very highly recommended. It’s just enough, with the simple but rugged construction, thoughtful touches like a large 3M reflective stripe and the aforementioned giant slab of grip strip closing surface. The accessories that I ordered are as useful, with the add in pocket having six pockets (one clear and zippered) and a good grip on the matching interior grip strip surface of the bag, and the small clear fronted zippered pocket holding my two parking and building access passes.

The only drawbacks are that indeed, the bright hi vis color did get a little dusty, but a damp cloth removed that and the occasional scuff that one gets swinging a bag around a dirty scooter in mid winter riding conditions in Detroit. The side release strap clip gets a bit fussy at the end of its travel as well. So much for the negatives. The standard key hook and single pocket in the bag work wonderfully, leaving all that big, beautiful room inside for my stuff. The bag just works and even with the occasional rain shower and light snow, not one drop of liquid got into the bag. In a heavy downpour, I’d suggest a waterproof bag around sensitive contents, as the side edges of the bag are not actually sealed. That said, the Aerostitch Dispatch bag ralph lauren outlet online was good enough to safely get my employer’s computers back and forth through the middle of January in Detroit. I’d recommend the Dispatch bag as a starter, but even now I’m looking at the massive Parcel bag just in case I have to do a weeks worth of shopping on the scoot. They’ve also added waxed cotton versions of the Dispatch, Courier and Letter bags, just to make sure that you have a good time looking at their catalog or website. Everyone should have at least one Aerostitch bag.