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Advice for Aspiring Kevin Federlines

Nikki Glaser: Friend of nature, enemy of giant floating masses of garbageYou guys, we’re so jealous of Nature right now! Sure, getting fracked is totally lame, but how awesome would it be to have Nikki Glaser as one of your besties?

“I would say I’ve been friends with Nature since, god, since I bought a Gap shirt that said ‘Save the World,'” Glaser tells us in a phone call that you don’t get to have with her but we do. “That shirt? It’s most likely in a landfill now.”

The comedian and co host with Sara Schaefer of MTV’s Nikki and Sara LIVE is one of the featured comedians at this weekend’s Friends of Nature music and comedy festival on Virginia Key. FON Fest is billing itself as the first carbon ne ralph lauren outlet online utral event of its kind in Florida and, aside from bringing music to Miami from We Are Scientists and Matisyahu (and the locally sourced Deaf Poets and Afrobeta), there will also be a comedy program headlined by The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac.

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Upon further reflection, Glaser thinks that her Save the World shirt may be “in that giant mass of plastic bags flo ralph lauren outlet online ating in the Pacific Ocean. At least I hope so. That’s Trash Heaven.”

Not that she advocates flinging open the gates of Trash Heaven to any old six pack ring that hasn’t garroted a dolphin.

“I definitely go with reusable bags,” she says. “I opt out of plastic bags. They’re like cigarettes. They make me sick and they’re I thing I used to do that makes me sad when people use them. Plastic bottles, too, which like cigarettes give me cancer, which I don’t like.”

Of course, if everybody follows her lead and chooses reusable bags, we might wind up with a giant mass of reusable bags floating in the Pacific Ocean.

“When people talk about the bag mass, they say that it’s the size of Texas,” Glaser says. “The reusable bags will be Austin, the cool part of that mass. The weird part.”

Glaser doesn’t see herself as a perfect environmental citizen, but she’s trying. She hates that she sometimes forgets her phone charger plugged into a wall socket, where it continues to draw power even when not in use.

“And I hate that I got food to go so much. It comes with a whole set of new [non biodegradable] plates that I could use forever and ever but I don’t,” she says. “I’m not close to being carbon neutral but I’m getting closer. I’m conscious of it and I think that’s the first step. I’m hoping that this festival helps me figure out ho ralph lauren outlet online w to do that and helps others, too.”

Even when she isn’t performing at festivals, Glaser loves going as a fan. She goes to Lollapalooza every year and was at Bonnaroo this past year. Music festivals, she says, ralph lauren outlet online “are like my Sandals resort.”

As an experienced festival goer, Glaser recommends “pacing yourself. But it’s hard to do because you just drink all day. Some of the best acts are at the end of the day and I wish I would have been better about remembering some of them. So drink slowly. For every beer, drink a big thing of water.”