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Advice for storing holiday food in the fridge

Fresh chicken, pork and beef will last for two to four days in the meat drawer. Unlike this file photo, milk should be stored at he back of a she ralph lauren outlet online lf where temperatures are colder.

During the holidays, the fridge gets jammed with extra foods for entertaining, decadent cheeses and all the trimmings for the Christmas feast. To ensure freshness, dietitian Desiree Nielsen offers these storage tips:

Keep eggs in their carton, rather than transferring them to the egg storage area on the fridge door, to protect against temperature fluctuations and light, both of which can spoil eggs.

Fresh chicken, pork and beef will last for two to four days in the meat drawer.

Store fruit and veggies separately from each other to keep the veggies from ripening prematurely.

Cheeses should be tightly wrapped and kept in an enclosed area away from strongly scented foods such as onions.

Condiments such as ketchup, mustard and mayo can be stored on the door or at the front of shelves and will last for two months to a year.

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