ralph lauren outlet online Advice needed for a new laptop

Advice needed for a new laptop

I would like to replace my older heavy dell vostro for a laptop that is as lightweight as possible, yet reliable and of good quality. I have no experience with brands other than dell for laptops.

It has to have windows, and I would like it to be able to run minecraft as the only game, it will be used mainly as a way to bridge the gap between my iPads and my win7 desktop files. I’ll be converting old PowerPoint files for the iPad, creating new PowerPoint files for use on the iPad, but again it has to be windows based because I have a win based home and work computer and I want everything to speak to each other.

For your needs. these are all overkill. go for 900p as a minimum (1080p preferred) on the screen resolution, make sure there’s an SSD or at least a hybrid HDD in there, 4GB of DDR3 should be a given and then either the AMD APU platform or the Intel Ivybridge with the HD4000 onboard will both easily run minecraft. I’d personally go the route of an AMD APU for your requirements. I looked at the Asus and Lenono because I know those brands and you’re right, they are expensive. I wouldn’t mind so much spending the money, but not for such a small screen. Does lightweight have to equal extremely small screen? My Dell has a 15 inch screen and weighs 7 pounds. A 15 inch screen is fine, but I think if I go too much smaller it will feel like I am on my Ipad. And that 7 pounds has gotten too heavy for me: I want something lightweight.

Typical cheap 15″ notebooks nowadays tend to run closer to 5 pounds. If the same size and somewhat lighter weight are preferable, those same brands have some pretty inexpensive regular notebooks. My wife has a Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 and loves it. It’s been replaced by updated internals as the Z580, so I would have no qualms recommending that model. $450 should be a more palatable price point as well.

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DancinJack wrote:Why are we not talking about a T430 or T430s from the outlet? You can get a REALLY decent laptop for not very much. Heck, you could even get a new one from the regular lenovo site for a good price with an awesome keyboard, a good 1600×900 IPS screen, Intel Wi fi, and lenovo durability.

edit: This search includes T420,420s,520,520s,430,430s, but all the same stuff above applies. Find the specs you want out of this and pull the trigger.

Could you narrow the field? The nice screen sounds appealing, i5 is enough for me, just think about weight. I agree, Lenovo is durable, but if its heavy i don’t want it. I’m a small older lady who lugs around too ralph lauren outlet online much stuff as it is. I would be able to be very careful with a flimsier asus.

And I admit, the more I read, the more my budget grows. I don’t like buying a computer to just meet my needs, I like it to go beyond a bit and excite me.

Edit: I think the ultra is the way to go for me. Weight is important.

The Zenbook UX32VD comes with one removable 2 GiB SODIMM + 2 GiB of DDR3 memory permanently installed. To upgrade the memory to a total of 10 GiB, you’ll need:

$44 8 GiB PC3 12800 204 pin SODIMM Crucial CT3340957 (DDR3 1600, CAS 11, 1.35 V) ralph lauren outlet online laptop memory

$5 or $13 Torx T5 screwdriver

The Zenbook UX32VD comes with a ralph lauren outlet online 0.500 TB 5400 rpm hard drive split into OS and data partitions. A permanently installed 24 GB SSD provides caching. I’m still using the original storage arrangement because I’m waiting for prices on 0.5 TB SSDs to drop to a reasonable level. If you’re looking for an SSD today, this deal was on TR’s front page:

$200 0.256 TB Samsung 840 Pro

The ultrabook is easy to carry around in its nylon pouch. I stick it, the charger and a small Logitech VX nano mouse in my camera bag or suitcase when I’m traveling. When I was using mine for work on a business trip, I left the charger and mouse in the hotel room and just used the battery and touchpad (no gaming on the job). You could fit the accessories in a large pocket if you wanted. With the screen backlight turned down from the original setting and aggressive po ralph lauren outlet online wer management enabled, the battery lasts through several hours of use. It automatically switches between this mode and full tilt operation when it senses that the charger has been plugged in.

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Not to rub salt in the wound, but a new Thinkpad 430s with a 1600×900 screen starts from $854 with a Quadro NV5200M (Kepler) graphics card and weighs 3.9 lbs. It also has a mSATA slot so you can add a SSD as your main boot drive and keep the existing HDD for bulk storage.

The only bad thing I can say about thinkpads is that they are so rugged and last so long that it’s hard to find excuses to replace them even years down the road I’m still rocking my 4+ year old X300. Fortunately, my wife needed a new computer, so I was able to get her a new X230T and install win8 and a SSD in it.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ASUS, especially the higher resolution IPS display vs the lower res TN screen on the 430s, but thinkpads are actually a very attractively priced alternative to mainstream consumer laptops, and their build quality is superior to most consumer laptops.