ralph lauren outlet online Advice on diaper bags please

Advice on diaper bags please

My DD is 5 months old and we have 3 diaper bags for her. We have an overnight bag that goes to daycare on monday and comes home on friday. (It’s full of clot ralph lauren outlet online hes and bibs.) We have a backpack diaper bag from Fisher Price that is comfy to wear, but the perks end there. It’s used only for longish day trips out and about. (It’s main purpose is to hold a blanket and at least one outfit change and primarily stays in the car.) But, my favorite bag is a little diaper pouch that holds a folding changing mat, a few diapers, and a package of travel wipes. It fits in my purse.

We really didn’t know what we would really use or need until after our DD arrived last fall. Get something simple and then wait to see what how your needs take shape.

I think I’m going to go with the Vera Bradley “make a change” baby bag. I love all my other vera bags/purses i have!! It has an attached changing pad that is connected on the outside so it doesn’t take up room inside. Plus there are tons of pockets. Nice long straps to carry it on your shoulder and it can be thrown in the wash. I’m sure I will have more then 1 bag in different sizes but I’m pretty set on this one. Plus I figure once I don’t need it for the baby it would be a good travel bag for me hah!

I had a Bumble Collection Convertible Chloe Diaper Bag that I had on my registry through Amazon. I rea ralph lauren outlet online lly liked the bag in the beginning when my twins were young. It had a lot of pockets and I liked the pattern. Plus, since it was convertible, you could use it in many ways. However, I sold it and now I use an ov ralph lauren outlet online ersized purse for short trips and a backpack for most ralph lauren outlet online of my trips. It’s waaaaay easier now that my girls are two because it frees up my hands. I feel that it will also be handy when our new little one arrives because I will need all hands on deck! My backpack is a Burton one I got at Zumiez.