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Aer Lingus hikes baggage charges 50pc in

The rises come a week after Ryanair announced higher baggage charges, prompting widespread criticism that Aer Lingus is simply following a “me too” strategy at the expense of the t ralph lauren outlet online ravelling public.

The new charges mean anyone checking in a bag online with Aer Lingus for a short haul flight will pay 12 each way, up from 9, while those checking in a bag at the airport will pay 18, up from 12.

The airline said fewer checke ralph lauren outlet online d in bags would lead to a reduction in Aer Lingus’s “handling costs”, which would enable the airline “to continue to offer our customers lower fares”.

Market sources, however, classed the move as a “blatant money spinning exercise”.

Recent research by Dublin stockbrokers NCB shows it costs Ryanair 1.17 to process one bag through Dublin Airport.

That figure means Ryanair makes an average profit of 13.83 per bag, making baggage by far the most profitable part of Ryanair’s business.

NCB analyst Neil Glynn concluded in his report: “Baggage charges are more about maximising revenues than driving down baggage to reduce costs.”

“Aer Lingus have seen how Ryanair have done ralph lauren outlet online it and now th ralph lauren outlet online ey’re in there too,” said one analyst last night.

Aer Lingus corporate affairs director Enda Corneille said the cost per bag would vary across different airports, with overseas airports potentially charging more. He admitted, however, that baggage collection would be a profitable exercise for the airline.

Aer Lingus allows travellers to take just 6kg of luggage onto the plane, compared to the 10kg allowed by Ryanair.

“You can tell they’re not really serious about people carrying more luggage on board because they’ve kept the limit so low,” said one analyst.

Mr Corneille last night admitted the low weight limit for carry on luggage “might be viewed as inconsistent” with Aer Lingus’s stated aim.

“It’s not a rigid limit, it’s an average across all passengers. Some people carry more and others carry less; it’s done on a common sense basis,” he said.