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AeroMexico Airline Baggage Rules

You may take two items onto the plane with you. One of these must be a personal handbag, briefcase or laptop bag. These personal items have no specific weight restrictions. Your other allowable item is a carry on bag weighing not more than 22 pounds. This carry on bag must not exceed 45 linear inches. To calculate the linear inches of your bag, measure its height, length and width and add these three numbers together. A bag that is 10 inches high, 25 inches long and 15 inches wide, for example, would be 50 linear inches.

AeroMexico requires that you provide your name ralph lauren outlet online and address on both the inside and outside of each piece of checked baggage. The number of bags that you can check for free and the allowable weight of each bag varies depending on your departure and arrival locations as well as your booking class. You may check two bags, both totaling 65 pounds or under, for flights within Mexico in class J, for example, and only one bag weighing 50 pounds or less for flights to or from the United States in class I, V, L, W, P, G or U. Check the complimentary baggage allowance chart on AeroMexico’s website for information specific to your ralph lauren outlet online route and class. Additional bags will incur fees.

You can check many hobby related articles on your flight, but you will have to pay extra to do so. As of October 2010, you can check surfboards, snowboards, boogie boards and diving equipment on your flight for $60 each. Bicycles, windsurfing equipment, hun ralph lauren outlet online ting equipment, fishing equipment and ski equipment each cost $65 to check on the flight. Golf equipment costs $80. You may also bring your pets with you for an extra charge; as of October 2010 you will pay $45 to transport your pet within Mexico, $90 to take it to the United States, $120 to take it to Europe, Central America or South America and $220 to take it to Asia.

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Aeromexico Luggage Rules. When traveling to Mexico, it is advisable to understand baggage regulations of the airlines that fly there. Aeromexico, the.

Luggage Restrictions on Aerom operates domestic and international flights ralph lauren outlet online and, as with all airlines, has a stringent baggage policy. Travelers with Aeromexico need to be. Baggage rules and restrictions will vary.

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