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Upright break g’s: 2500g / 64 = 39G

After a frame by frame analysis of the video of the experiment (which could not be uploaded), it was found that it took the egg 12 frame ralph lauren outlet online s ralph lauren outlet online to make a complete revolution in the 30 fps quality. Therefore:

G’s: centripetal acceleration / gravity = 75.21m/s2/9.81m/s2 = 7.674 G’sThe camera flew off of the box because the tape could not hold the g’s required to break the eggs. The camera subsequently broke the eggs as it hit them at high velocity. It is thus observed that very high g’s, perhaps even too many for the class centrifuge, are re ralph lauren outlet online quired to break the eggs, as they did not break even at a high rate of spin.

The team is awaiting improvements on the camera mount for more insightful results.

It has been concluded that a stronger camera mount is required so that the g’s required to break the eg ralph lauren outlet online gs are reached. A better camera mount is also needed to protect the camera. The team, as well as the class, realized that eggs are surprisingly g force resistant.