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Affably Loveable Douchebags

2) He a quarter Mexican. And a ralph lauren outlet online redhead. My friend son is also both of those things, which I assuming means there an enclav ralph lauren outlet online e of Mexican Redheads somewhere that nobody knows about.3) A la Mad Men, Slate appears to now be doing a TV Club on his show Louis. Unfortunately there only like 2 things to say about any one episode of Louis,thus making this particular incarnation of TV Club pretty damn boring.4) He totally awesome. In what other show can you meld an extensive, EXTENSIVE conversation about BJs with telling knock knock jokes to your two young daughters? Slate calls it traditional notions of plot and character ralph lauren outlet online development. I just call it fairly accurate depiction of my life goals. Maybe without the depression. Oh, and the lovely, lovely Children Books maven also has a quite decent post comparing Louis parenting prowess to ralph lauren outlet online the wisdom ofRichard Scarry.