ralph lauren outlet online affair is causing chaosThe

affair is causing chaos

They are still together now in fact, my mum has moved her girlfriend into the family home, while my father is living with his brother.

Apart from the obvious chaos that myself and my sister have had to deal with this year, we are now coming under a lot of pressure from our mother to have a happy Christmas with her and pretend that all is well in the world.

My father is being stoic, but still seems to think this might be just a ‘phase’ I feel like staying under the duvet for the 25th of this month, and my sister does, too. Would it be wrong if the two of us opted out and went abroad?

A: IT has certainly been a terribly tumultuous year for you and I can appreciate why you are so tempted to escape abroad and put all of this drama behind you. But what will that actually solve? It may offer temporary relief, but you and your sister will ultimately have to face up to your family reality at some stage in the near future.

Christmas is the ideal time to make peace with family members, and I would strongly advise you to make the effort to have as normal a Christmas as possible with your mum and her ralph lauren outlet online new girlfriend. It’s great that your dad is being brave throughout this, and whether it’s a phase that your mum is going through or not, she deserves some happiness and the support of her family.

Give this new lady a chance. While it may be an unconventional situation, you’re an adult and need to behave in a mature way. You never know, you might really enjoy this Christmas spent with them.

Q: I AM married with two children, who I gave up work to mind. My husband leaves all the day to day stuff to me, including the household budget, and often praises me for being as close to the perfect wife and mother as he ever imagined. The truth is rather different. Six months ago I saw a ralph lauren outlet online very expensive bag in a department store way out of my reach and bought it on the credit card. I got such a thrill that I d ralph lauren outlet online id this again and again until that card was maxed out and then I got some more cards. I am now 15,000 in debt and feel like there is no light at the end of this tunnel.

A: I FEEL that you require more help than I can possibly offer in this column, and most urgently you need some solid financial advice. I am assuming from your letter that your husband is unaware of your out of control spending.

As uncomfortable as it may be to break all of his false ideas about your abilities as a wife, it is crucial for you to tell him what’s happened.

He is your partner and you must be honest with him. You will have to work out how to get yourself out of this debt, and it may even be possible to return your expensive items or even sell them as secondhand and make a bit of money back from them.

I strongly advise you to face up to this immediately and do not let it roll over into next year. For the sake of your conscience and your marriage, as well as your financial security, it must be dealt with urgently.

Q: EVERY winter I put on weight and then the focus of my summers are to lose the weight. I can already feel the fat creeping in around my waist. And now with Christmas coming, it seems like a great excuse to go completely mad and eat all the stuff that’s on my banned list when I am being good. Most people have a winter and summer wardrobe according to what’s weather appropriate my winter wardrobe is two sizes bigger than my summer one. What can I do to break this cycle.

A: THIS is really just a habit that you have got into, simply because we all face the added pressure of revealing more skin during the summertime. It’s easy to wrap up in winter woolies and let our bodies grow heavier in winter, and in many ways it’s a perfectly natural reaction to colder weather.

But it’s really important to also keep an eye on how much weight you’re gaining, as there are so many problems and diseases associated with excess body fat, particularly around your middle.

My advice is to stay active throughout the winter months. Go out for a walk or jog daily, or join a gym and get involved in some fun classes. Staying fit will also help you to make better food choices.

Rather than having a list of banned foods that encourage a binge over the festive seaso ralph lauren outlet online n, allow yourself a treat once a week or fortnight, as long as you’re eating healthily the rest of the time.

Focus on eating more plant foods than animal foods and avoid sugar, processed foods, excess fat and alcohol as much as you possibly can. It is all about moderation, and keeping active is an essential part of surviving all of the winter temptations.